Is Your Ecommerce Site Making These Costly Mistakes?

One of the reasons that many ecommerce businesses fail is that they make careless mistakes. The good news is these mistakes are easily fixed. Whether you choose poor quality landing pages or fail to include shipping information, your ecommerce business may not appeal to customers. The following are just a few mistakes ecommerce sites make and how to fix them.

  • Landing Page Woes

You spend all that money on PPC ads, but then your landing page leads customers to a completely useless or irrelevant section of your site. Carefully consider what you’re saying in your ad and then choose a landing page that makes sense. For example, if your ad is about a huge sale, link the ad to a landing page that explains the details of the sale. On the other hand, if your ad discusses information, the landing page should be the article that goes into further detail.

  • Difficult or Missing Site Search Features

It should be easy for customers to search your website for the products they want. If your site isn’t designed in a way that allows for easy maneuvering, you need redesign the site. A search feature should not only be listed on each page, but your pages should have links that allow customers to easily move throughout the site, such as Home buttons.

  • Lack of Product Content

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to not providing enough content about your product. A product page should have a thorough description, multiple pictures, and sometimes even videos. If customers have to go to another site to learn more about the product, they may just buy the product from that site instead of yours. If you’re not good at writing descriptions, hire someone to do it for you.

  • Missing Shipping Information

Last, but not least, customers do not like surprise shipping rates. They also don’t like having to go through the entire checkout process to find out how much the shipping will be. Provide easy access to this information so that customers can easily calculate the cost with a shipping estimator tool or a chart that lists how much the shipping will be based on weight or cost of the order.

Your ecommerce business doesn’t have to fail. Spend the time fixing these little mistakes so that your website can be as successful as possible. The more convenient you make it for customers to find the information they need, the better chance you have at making sales. The good news is these mistakes are incredibly easy to fix and most can be completed in a matter of minutes.

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