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Anyone who operates a business that serves clients within a certain geographic region can benefit from local SEO services. Local listings are very popular on Google, but such listings require the submission of specific information through several channels. This information includes the name of the business, a local phone number, the physical address and the hours of operation.

Facts About Local SEO Services

Local SEO Toronto services are becoming increasingly popular and are now considered a necessary element of any marketing strategy. Following are a few facts about local search listings:

  • Before making a local purchase, 80 percent of shoppers with Internet access research items online.
  • Approximately 43 percent of all online searches involve the use of local identifiers.local seo services
  • Of the searches including local identifiers, 86 percent result in a phone call or personal visit.

As can be seen from the above facts, having a local listing appear on the first page of search results can be much more valuable than simply purchasing ads in the Yellow Pages, using direct-mail services or passing out flyers.

Local SEO Services From SmartOnlinePros

SmartOnlinePros uses an effective process for local SEO. The program begins with a consultation with one of our experts in local SEO services. During this consultation, we work with our clients to develop a marketing strategy that will increase the public exposure for their products and services.

After the program is implemented, the business’s local listing will be on the first page of search results, and the listing’s effectiveness can be analyzed with tracking information that is simply not available with traditional forms of marketing. With a local listing on the first page of the results, a business is only one click away from new, local customers showing interest in its products and services.

Our Strategy for Local Optimization

SmartOnlinePros combines several effective methods of optimization to make sure local listings receive first-page ranking for relevant searches. The top three methods we use are as follows:

  • Update business information – The easiest and most effective method of getting high search rankings is to make sure that a business’s information is complete and correct. We will see to it that search engines have the specific information that customers need to contact the business, including hours, specialties and customer reviews.
  • Feature the business on local websites – After updating the business information, we will deliver it to a number of pertinent websites, such as social media sites, local directories and networking groups. When the business information is consistently listed with these websites, search engines will see that it is a serious, genuine business and will give it high rankings for local searches.
  • Encourage local customers to write reviews – When customers are asked to provide online reviews about their experiences with a business, new clients will trust that business over competitors without reviews or with poor reviews.

Receive a Quote Today

Requesting a quote is simple. Just complete the form on this page to receive a free SEO analysis and quote. Our local SEO services will help a business gain new clients and steadily increase revenue through online exposure. Local audiences will find these businesses, and hot leads will be put directly into the hands of their sales teams.

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