The Need for Online Reputation Management

About 90 percent of people use search engines to investigate online businesses before they purchase products or services.Negative reviews  and statements about your company may seriously harm its reputation. Anyone can easily post false or misleading comments that will reduce your sales and attract greater scrutiny from the public. Fortunately, there is an effective way to limit the impact of negative statements.

Online Reputation Management Services

With the help of other companies and individuals, we can distribute positive information about your business. We have long-term experience in search engine optimization. This helps us to push positive material to the first page of the search results. You may request that we prioritize the top 10, 20 or 30 listings. The majority of our clients choose to focus on the first page of results.

Although it takes time for search engines to update their listings, we will work to improve your firm’s reputation as quickly as possible. This takes longer for some clients than others. There are different numbers of negative statements about each company, and new comments may appear at any time. Please use our contact form in the left to get in touch with us about your firm’s specific needs. We always keep the names of our clients confidential.ORM

Our company uses a variety of effective online reputation management techniques. We will conduct a full analysis of your firm’s reputation. Next, we will work to generate positive material and eliminate negative comments. Our company creates text and multimedia content for clients. We use social media to promote this material. We can also monitor your firm’s reputation on an ongoing basis.

How Do We Manage Your Online Reputation?

  • We first identify the negative search results that needs to be pushed down. Analyze the keywords you want to monitor and control as well as doing our own keyword research to identify other searches that result in negative content.
  • With your participation, we create positive reviews and feedback for your products and services. These content will be used to replace the negative content in the search results.
  • We distribute the positive content to the web through many outlets including social media, blogs, news sites, article directories, wiki pages, profiles and custom websites.
  • Finally, we boost the popularity of the new positive content with search engine and social media optimization techniques. The positive content will quickly gain popularity and will replace the old negative search results. We also help boost the rankings of your old positive reviews to improve their rankings on the search results.