Most companies are misguided these days or led astray when it comes to social media marketing. Typically companies believe that Facebook is the place to start their Social Media Marketing campaign without taking into account what social media network clients are using.

Facebook is the most used social media network, but this does not mean it is the right one for your business. Social media marketing on Facebook can be useful if you are selling clothes, concert tickets, books, and much more. However if you are marketing professional services, LinkedIn is a better place to start.

Lawyers, writers, and headhunters will find LinkedIn a better resource for targeting clients. Before starting a social media campaign, it is important to research what social media platform is used by your clients. Recently, I successfully used a Facebook page to market a low-budget movie. It worked because people who were likely to purchase the movie use Facebook. However if I wanted to market high-end legal services or high-end SAT services, LinkedIn would be a much better outlet for social media marketing.

No matter whether you are starting a new company or are an existing company, it is essential to know what social media network will reach your clients. Your business can increase the effectiveness of social media marketing by locating and staying on top of your target audience.

The most important thing is to understand your clients’ needs. Just because all of your friends use Facebook, doesn’t mean the type of people you want to do business with love Facebook. In China and South Korea there are social networking platforms, such as Sina Weibo, that are used more often than Twitter. The real key is to research what social media your clients use rather than assuming that they use Facebook every day.

  • Put Yourself in the Clients Shoes — Ask potential clients what social networking platforms work best for them. It is important to grasp what benefits these social networks offer people in your business. One place to start is to conduct a survey that will help you understand the social media needs of your client.
  • Review Analytics — It is essential to stay on top of which social networks attract the most customers. This data will change on a regular basis, so it is necessary to stay abreast of the latest social media trends. Other businesses in your niche market may use a certain network. However, you need to determine whether that network is right for your product or service.

Knowledge is power when it comes to anything in life. Staying on top of the needs of clients and customers will help to improve your company’s social media marketing. Never assume that a general marketing campaign that a marketing company advocates will work for your business. A marketing firm may advise your company to open up an account on Facebook and Twitter, because all of their other clients have one. However, a company needs to understand its niche market and clients. As a result it will be able to develop its social media campaign around the unique needs of its business.