When marketing and promoting your business site, blog or personal interest pages on the web, you will need to know how to choose a quality SEO company. In addition, you will need a search engine optimization team which best suits your products, services, ideas or endeavors. Perhaps you have business associates and friends or family members who are already successful in advertising and promoting their sites. If so, get their best SEO business recommendations. What you are seeking is a reliable search engine optimization company that aims to gain first page placement in major search engine directories, a strong web presence and high traffic volumes for your website. In general, Internet users with websites and blogs that are well established are the most helpful to others. Since they are already successful at selling products and services or promoting causes, they are eager to guide other site owners toward gaining profitable Web enterprises.

What Services to Expect from a High Quality Professional SEO Company

If you have a new website you may be unsure about how to locate a good SEO company. When beginning your search, there are several types of SEO services you can expect any reputable, experienced SEO venture to offer:

  • First page listings (if possible) in all major search engine directories and other relevant web listings are ideal. Inclusion in popular minor search engine directories can also bring you good SEO results. Maintaining a constant “number one” listing is not realistic, but you do want a high ranking for prominent web visibility.
  • Excellent analysis of your website’s products, services or content will narrow your choice of the strongest possible keyword and phrase usage for site optimization. The most effective key terms will attract your targeted customer or client base to your site. Most good SEO companies are prepared to produce or revise website content to obtain great results for you. They will focus on increasing traffic volume to your site for high conversion rates as targeted site visitors purchase your business products and services. They will direct the right audience suitable for joining your personal interest campaigns as site members if you have a personal website or blog. Overall website design can always be improved and enhanced by an experienced SEO expert. In order to have a successful and profitable website, you need high quality written content, graphics, photos, video and animation, audio, and interactive elements. When well designed comment boxes are placed on your Web pages along with web sharing buttons, your site visitors can share and make comments on your products and services. It is especially helpful to include share buttons for all the primary social media and networking websites now. Everyone likes to share fresh, new content when they discover it. Without question, you will gain many interested site visitors who are potential customers or members for your site from social media exposure.
  • You also want an SEO company that will provide excellent organic, or free, optimization for your website. Paid advertisements do bring notice and traffic to your online enterprise. However, especially if your website or blog is new, you probably want to cut SEO, marketing and promotion costs as much as possible while gaining good visibility. With good organic SEO techniques, your site will be returned often and appropriately in Web searches. Such expert marketing measures will attract your targeted market as well as other interested web users and surfers.
  • All SEO companies that get good results for customers’ sites make careful and knowledgeable use of back linking and CRO. Back links are links to your site’s URL placed strategically around the Web on the most appropriate websites and pages to direct targeted traffic to your business or personal endeavor. Professional use of CRO (conversion rate optimization) on your site will tell you exactly which visitors have the highest level of interest in your site. It will also determine what areas of your site hold their interest the longest and what items they ignore or look at very briefly. This technique is essential for Web business owners in discovering which products, services or site elements to promote and market extensively and which ones to revise or remove.

These search engine optimization techniques should be included in any professional SEO company’s offerings for marketing and promoting your website. If they are not, you should seek the advice and services of another SEO company.

What to Avoid When Choosing an SEO Company to Market and Promote Your Site

Beware of SEO businesses that do not show up in web searches or that have major negative feedback obtainable through Internet searches. It is also best to avoid working with SEO companies that claim to be professional, but cannot or will not direct you to successful sites they have optimized. You will want to research the page rank and keyword ranking for these company sites, as well. If an SEO company’s site does not rank well, it is definitely not worth your while hiring their services for your own website’s promotion. You need to determine, too, whether this company obtains back links (inbound links) from link farms or other less than desirable sites. Back linking is extremely important for achieving good SEO results, but only when links are well chosen from desirable sites.

If an SEO business makes use of automated submissions to search engine directory listings, do not hire them. The practice of automated submissions can now get a website removed and permanently banned from such directories on the Internet. In addition, it is good to beware of keyword stuffing, or excessive use of keywords, in site content. If your SEO company suggests over seven percent density of any keyword or phrase in your website content, you should seek a different SEO adviser.

Black hat SEO techniques are another Web hazard to avoid. Users of black hat SEO choose unethical methods to misrepresent a website and its content for the purpose of gaining higher search engine visibility and rankings. White hat SEO, however, is based on honest representation of site content and relevancy in promotion. It makes use of organic (unpaid) optimization, appropriate back links and avoidance of keyword stuffing (overuse).

Remember, also, that extreme pricing for services by an SEO company may indicate that it should not be the company of your choice. Overpricing can be a sign of mismanagement and lack of competence. Under-pricing, however, may be due to lack of experience. In most cases, you will obtain the best site optimization services from SEO businesses that offer a range of moderate prices for their work.

How to Recognize Characteristics of an Honest, Reliable, Highly Effective SEO Company

There are several characteristics that any straightforward, reliable, top-producing SEO company will exhibit:

  • First of all, any reputable professional SEO company or agency will offer to meet with you to discuss your needs. They will have a keen interest in your business goals, interests and concerns relative to optimization of your website and its products or services. Whether this meeting takes place in person, over the telephone or via a Web-based conference, all your questions and concerns will be addressed.
  • The SEO experts’ fees will be clearly explained and agreed upon before any work begins. According to a survey of 600 Internet sites, SEOmoz reports that average fees for SEO experts can range from $76 to $150 per hour for on-site optimization work. Offsite work such as link building is usually ongoing for each website. Prices will range relative to keyword difficulty and the necessary time for creating effective back links. Easy keywords many require only five hours of work per month, while difficult keywords (indicating high competition from other sites) may require 50 hours of work each month. Ethical and fair SEO companies will explain their recommendations, practices and rates thoroughly before analyzing and optimizing your site. Costs of good back linking could run anywhere from $500 to $50,000 per month, depending on the size of your business and your site’s ongoing requirements and needs.
  • Your expert SEO company will collaborate with you on an ongoing basis as your business and website grow, make changes and expand. Your SEO professionals will also work in conjunction with all Web updates in algorithms, guidelines and accepted SEO practices.

Always remember that good professional SEO is a continuous, collaborative process involving SEO experts and the owner of the site they are optimizing. It is highly probable that your company’s requirements will change somewhat on a fairly regular basis, and there are constantly improvements and enhancements to SEO techniques. For these reasons, you will find it advantageous to choose the services of a completely competent, transparent and innovative SEO company. You can rely on the knowledge and skills of a reputable, capable and honest company of SEO experts to provide your business and website with excellent services. They will provide your online enterprise with the most efficient and effective levels of optimization possible for success and profitability. With their assistance and guidance, you and your company can look forward to a long, healthy lifespan on the web.

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