If you are looking for blogs where you can publish your articles or if you are looking for guest posts to publish on your own blogs, then you are at the right place.

Lately, guest blogging has become a popular linkbuilding strategy after Google rolled out Penguin and Panda updates. Penguin update is aimed at penalizing websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines while the Panda update demotes low-quality or thin websites and bring to the top of the search results websites that have higher and better quality.

While guest blogging is widely used as a linkbuilding strategy even before Penguin and Panda were introduced, it was less preferred because it consumes a lot of time to implement. The enormous time it takes to look for relevant blogs and emailing the owners to become a guest blogger is enough to put-off any SEO from using it in their linkbuilding campaign. Moreover, as a guest blogger, you will have to abide by the requirements of the blog owner or your guest post will be rejected. This entire process requires time, dedication and resources, which is why for a long time, SEOs have resorted to easier linkbuilding strategies such as; web directory submission, article directory submission and social bookmarking. However, everything changed with Panda and Penguin released.

As a blog owner, guest blogging presents you with the opportunity of being able to publish high quality articles on your blog. Guest posts are generally better in quality and are offered for free in exchange for backlinks to the guest blogger’s websites. Accepting guest posts on your blog is a win-win situation for you and the guest blogger. By continuously adding more content to your blog, you increase its number of pages indexed by the search engines, consequently increasing the number of traffic that they refer to your website.

If you want to take a more pro-active approach to guest blogging and find out where you can get guest posts or find blogs that will let you publish your articles on them, we have compiled a list of guest blogging sites that let you do just that.

Blog Synergy

blog synergy

Blog Synergy functions as a social network for bloggers who are looking for content to publish on their blogs and who want to guest post on others. You need to sign-up for an account before you can browse the over 2K blogs in their network. Registration is free so you’ve got nothing to lose. After completing the sign-up process and after creating a profile for your blog, you can start accepting guest posts. If content is what you are after, there are thousands of writers who are ready to provide you with content. There are also available articles that are already written for different niches that are ready to be published.

Blogger Link Up

blogger link up

BloggerLinkUp provides a free platform for blog owners to get free blog posts and for guest bloggers to reach out to a broader audience. It’s a useful tool for building backlinks to your website. To join, you just need to complete a form with your name and email address. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there after, you will receive a list of requests for guest post. When you see a request that meets your criteria and that you can fulfill, you just have to get in contact with the blogger. Moreover, you can request for a guest blog from the BlogLinkUp members by completing a request form.

Blog Dash

blog dash

Blog Dash prides itself with over 200,000 bloggers in its network, which can be sorted according to category, keywords, gender etc. Blog Dash serves as a medium to connect business owners to bloggers who can help in their online marketing. However, in order for businesses to start pitching to bloggers, membership is required. Starting at $49.00 per month, businesses can start pitching to bloggers. Membership is free for bloggers.

Group High

group high

Group High is a useful tool for businesses who want to reach out to bloggers in their niche. It allows businesses to search for blogs by keywords, country, state, number of followers, number likes etc. You can also filter blogs by social networks, SEOMoz metrics, ad networks, guest post, video usage etc. Group High automates finding the right blogs that are relevant to your industry and provides you with their contact information such as social profile, author names, contact details, contact forms etc. You can opt to request for a demo and trial to test drive their services before you subscribe.

Guest Blog It

guest blog it

GuestBlogIt is another free guest blogging community where you can submit content for other blogs to publish and receive guest posts from other bloggers that you can publish on your own. While membership is free, there’s an option to become a PRO member for $20 a month that allows you to communicate to other members of the community. Also, a PRO membership lets you share five articles to the community against one article at a time for the free membership.

Post Joint

post joint

PostJoint simplifies the process of guest blogging. Businesses who want to offer their articles to bloggers to publish on their websites do not need to search the database anymore. Post Joint does most of the work. Advertisers just need to supply the article and Post Joint will match the audience up against its database of blogs. Those bloggers who are interested in the article can offer to publish the post on their blogs. Post Joint returns to the advertisers with a list of interested publishers. The advertiser then chooses the offers to accept.

My Blog Guest

myblogguest, my blog guest

MyBlogGuest is one of the earliest guest blogging networks online. It’s also the most popular and has one of the biggest communities of bloggers. Joining allows you to accept offers to publish article on your website and look for websites to guest post on. There’s also an option to become a pro member that allows you to publish articles on the article gallery for other bloggers to use on their websites.



Guestr is currently a free service. It provides an avenue for bloggers to get free content for their blogs and for guest bloggers to offer their content in exchange for backlinks to their websites. Registration is free and is required before you can place and accept offers. At the moment, there’s more than 1K blogs in the Guestr’s database, which is sorted according to updated Google PageRank and estimated traffic.

Guest Blog Genius

guestbloggenius, guest blog genius

GuestBlogGenius prides its services as adhering to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This is particularly appealing to businesses who don’t want the hassle of being penalized by the Penguin and Panda updates. GuestBlogGenius have a database of blogs that need content. Advertisers search their database and choose blogs that meet their requirements. Guest Blog Genius then provides the content, which is paid for by the advertiser, to the chosen blogs.

Guest Blog List

guest blog list

GuestBlogList allows you to submit your blog to their network if you are accepting and looking for guest posts. Once approved, your blog will be visible to potential guest bloggers who can then start pitching to you. You can increase your blog’s visibility to potential guest bloggers with an upgrade priced at $50.

Guest bloggers who are looking for blogs will find GuestBlogList handy. The blogs in their directory are organized according to category and getting in touch with the respective bloggers can be easily done through the contact form in the right sidebar.

Now Your Turn

If you know of other guest blogging networks that are not in our list, do share them in the comment. We will update this post in the future and we will include your recommendations. Thank you.