In order for any business to prosper online, it is especially essential to begin or enhance its current content marketing campaigns to increase traffic and improve search engine rankings. Unique, engaging and informative content are the key to successful content marketing. But this approach consumes enormous time and requires the help of an experienced team of content writers and search engine marketers to make it work. While it is entirely possible for you to supply your content and optimize it for the search engines yourself, there is no question that the help of a reliable SEO company can expedite the whole process, thus freeing your time to address more important issues within your business.

In regards to funding such an endeavor, large corporations may have no problems paying for this but small businesses and start-ups may struggle. In fact, it may seem as though it’s a luxury to afford to hire such services. This is not to discourage those who would like to do it all themselves. On the contrary, those who diligently dedicate themselves to achieve this goal will achieve it while saving a lot of money — only, the results will be seen and felt in the longer term.

In order for you to jump the learning curve and achieve this goal, here are some tips on how you can successfully launch your content marketing campaign:

Realistically Idealize Specific Goals Within Realistic Timeframes

While it is always an excellent trait to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best, a concept of reality should always be kept in your reserve tank. Over-expectation and overachieving are good things to strive for, but remembering that the smallest baby steps in your business are a positive step forward. For example, when you launch your first content marketing campaign, you should not expect to dominate the search results immediately. Initially, you should be concentrating on increasing traffic. Once you get to that point, you can then move on to the next step.

Create or Outsource Unique, Relevant, and Valuable Content

Believe it or not, there is a wealth of excellent content writers that will charge an affordable amount of money for exceptional web content. While this is a popular practice among large corporations, small businesses are now catching up. When the content is outsourced, more time can be dedicated to the actual SEO enhancements.

However, it’s wise not to jump ahead of yourself. Prior to submitting your content to press release sites, article sites, or blog networks, it is advisable that you peruse them over so they meet the following qualifications:

  • Your content should be relevant to your audience. If it isn’t relevant, then you are shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Your content must have the appropriate keyword density with related keywords sprinkled throughout for optimal results.
  • Your content should exhibit a high level of research and must be written in a professional manner.
  • Make sure your copy does not have a duplicate — the content should be 100% unique. You can use Copyscape to check if your content is unique.
  • The tone of your content should relate to the knowledge base of your audience — you don’t want to talk over their heads. Maintaining the same level of communications in your content will increase the conversions you’re seeking.
  • All linking anchor text should be centered around your focus keywords and/or related keyword phrases.

If you choose to be your own content provider, there are many ways to overcome mental roadblocks, if you run out of ideas or lack direction. Here are some suggestions:

  • Google Alerts — this is a free service that Google offers. What is does is, it will email you the latest news items based on your particular niche. By signing up for free Google alerts, you will be one of the first to know the latest news and updates in your niche. Publishing content around these Google alerts will help boost your traffic from search engines because of its relation to the latest breaking news.
  • If you have a team of writers or advisors, you should engage in conversations to brainstorm on new ideas for content.
  • Don’t overwork yourself — take a break every once in a while. It helps to start anew with a fresher, cleaner concept in mind.
  • Always edit any content before posting it, or hire an editor to do it for you.
  • If you incorporate other ideas from other sources into your content, add some originality to make your content seem more unique.
  • If you have articles that you haven’t used, or if you have partial articles that were never finished, do not throw them out. Keep them to use as a springboard for new content at a later date.

Utilize Your Focus Keywords

You should never use any content that has not been optimized for your website. It is essential that all keywords you intend to focus on are thoroughly researched for their projected effectiveness. If not, the whole process is a waste of time, and you will suffer the consequences of irrelevant, insignificant content.

Stay Organized With Your Content Management Campaigns

Maintaining an organized atmosphere is essential to your success. This will help you keep track of where your content is located online. Keep a record of what content was used for backlinking, press releases, article directories, etc. When you need to purge your link profile, you’ll know exactly where to go to begin.

Maintain A Strategic, Effective Content Marketing Campaign

Before taking action with launching your content marketing campaign, always assess what you will do with your existing content. Make a record of what article directories you want to target, guest blogging entries, link pyramids, and possible link exchange opportunities. Conjure up ideas for video, audio, and photos. Take advantage and intelligently exploit your knowledge with the keywords you are targeting.

Naturally, results will not happen overnight. Keep your projected goals in check, and the results will trickle in at a faster pace before you even know it.

On Your Mark, Get Set . . . Go!

Content is only worth something if people view it and find it valuable themselves. Therefore, you need to increase your audience. Guest blogging is an effective way to do this, as well as participation in related online forums. Providing relevant, helpful content on such sites will add a bit of credibility to your online reputation, and it will help establish you as an authoritative go-to guy in the field.

Also, it would be ideal to find interested people within your vicinity. Local targeting is an often overlooked and downplayed field. Offer a free guest article to a local news site, or become an informant to a local reporter on your niche. Local reporters are hungry for new stories to report on, so helping each other in this regard is a win-win situation.

In conclusion, the new Panda and Penguin updates to the Google algorithm has caused a lot of hardship for more than a few webmasters. By following the guidelines mentioned here, you will definitely find success in your content marketing campaigns. While rapid results are never promised, good things come to those who wait.

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