Search engine optimization is the most important aspect of any website’s marketing because it determines how a website will perform in the search results. It doesn’t matter how well a website is designed or how informative its content are if it doesn’t receive enough traffic. SEO, however, is not an easy process and often requires plenty of trial and error to get it right. Your best option is to outsource the job to companies who specialize in search engine marketing.

What Is Outsourcing?

Since your company may not specialize in search engine marketing, outsourcing can be a great alternative to trying to figure out SEO for yourself. Outsourcing is the process of passing on a task or process to another company that will oversee the job or complete it entirely themselves. Outsourcing may be an additional cost for your company, but it will almost always be a cheaper alternative to hiring and training new employees to do the tasks. But you shouldn’t just outsource to anybody, as you could be missing out on some opportunities to cut costs.

The Philippines and SEO

Outsourcing SEO to the Philippines is becoming increasingly popular because there are many benefits, which we are going to talk about in a minute. Outsourcing doesn’t need to be done inside your own country. In fact, offshore outsourcing is more practical and beneficial to your company. Let’s take a look at how outsourcing to the Philippines can be a great alternative to outsourcing within your own country.

Cheaper Rates

The biggest reason that a company would want to outsource offshore is due to the cost difference. Most commonly in America, companies charge a lot for their services, and this makes it harder to afford something such as search engine optimization. The Philippines is a very cheap option, and you won’t be ripping them off either. The cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than it is in most countries. This means that they can survive off of a significantly lower amount of money than most areas. They don’t need to make as much money, and so they will charge you much less than it would cost for you to outsource to a company within your own country.

Highly Educated Individuals

Asia has been known for having an extremely high literacy rate. Being among some of the most competitive countries in the world when it comes to education, the Philippines still manages to come out as one of the highest educated countries in Asia. In fact, they currently have a literacy rate of 93.40 percent. The Philippines is especially well-suited for search engine optimization because Information Technology has the second most number of graduates per year. Moreover, before earning a degree in the Philippines, students receive additional on-the-job trainings to condition and prepare them for the real world. This makes them even more competent and extremely efficient.

Do Other Companies Outsource to the Philippines?

Even though you don’t hear about it much, some of the largest companies in the world outsource their SEO jobs to the Philippines. They understand the professionalism that exists in this area, and they can get it at a very inexpensive price. This combination has attracted hundreds of highly-regarded companies. If these companies are able to put their faith into the Philippines, why shouldn’t your company be able to? Outsourcing to the Philippines is a perfect solution, and you would be letting your company fall behind if you chose to take an alternative route.

English Skills

One of the biggest reasons that a company will be cautious of outsourcing their search engine optimization project to the Philippines is due to the fact that they aren’t quite sure that they will be able to speak English very well. Actually, this is completely false. The Philippines was once an American colony, and as such they have an extremely high amount of English speakers that are happy to work with American companies. The Philippines has the fourth largest population of English speakers, and as a small country, that is quite a feat. English is the most commonly used language here and is used on a daily basis by the citizens. It is used as much here as it is used in England, America, and Canada.


Just because a population speaks English, doesn’t mean that they speak it the same way that your country may use it. Grammar and spelling are both important elements when creating content for your website in order to keep it professional. The Philippines is actually a westernized country, which is one of the biggest reasons that many companies find it easy to work with them. Not only do they speak like Americans, but businesses are run very closely to the way that they do things in the US. You will find a mixture of American and European culture in the Philippines, which makes them perfectly able to help companies in both countries. Not only are businesses run similarly, but educational facilities are ran in much the same way as in the US, except that they have managed to create a higher literacy rate, so it may even be better!

Social Online

Over the past few years, social media has actually become an enormous part of search engine optimization. People spend a majority of their time online either on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. These are very popular sites that are highly regarded by search engines, so companies have begun to use them to their advantage to increase their marketing platform. The Philippines is no exception to the world of social media, as they actually have the third largest number of Facebook users in Asia. Compared to the entire world, they only fall seventh. This means that the Philippine citizens are quite familiar with the world of social media and know exactly how it works. Being educated in Information Technology, they know how to leverage social media sites to improve a website’s online visibility and search engine rankings.

Equipment and Facilities

Since the Philippines are able to live on a lot less of an income than most countries, this has allowed them to create facilities that are fully equipped to help your company with SEO. They are extremely reliable, so you don’t have to worry about Philippine companies losing Internet service for a few days or weeks, and they will always be equipped to handle your projects. The Philippines has access to all brands of computers, as well as any other hardware that they need in performing their tasks. Over the past 2 decades, the Philippine government has invested in infrastructure and communication facilities. As a proof to the reliability and usage amount of Internet that the Philippines uses, they are ranked in the top five Asian countries when it comes to the amount of bandwidth that they use. On average, the nation receives 100 mbps.

Is Payment Difficult?

When dealing with most outside countries, there are a lot of regulations that make payment difficult. This creates a ton of hassle and hoops that your company has to hop through just to hold out your end of the bargain. You shouldn’t have to waste this time just trying to get a payment through, but luckily you won’t have to when outsourcing to the Philippines. The Philippines actually has fewer rules and regulations than most countries, which means less legal work that you must go through. Many convenient forms of payment are available, such as any of the following:

  • Bank Transfers
  • PayPal
  • Checks
  • Debit/Credit Cards

Just like how you would pay a normal company in America, it is actually that easy to pay a company in the Philippines. If you have any questions, Philippine companies will be more than happy to assist you. After all, they want their money for the work they completed, so they are going to try and make it as easy as possible.

Enjoyable To Work With

30 companies were interviewed to see how much they enjoyed the services that they were provided with from the Philippines. 28 of them stated that they preferred working with Philippine SEO companies over American ones. They seem to have a genuine interest in the work that they are completing, and have a better attitude when working with companies. Philippine companies want to create a mutually profitable relationship with their clients, and so they work hard to make their clients happy. Not only pleased with their work, but with the people that they work with. There are two parts to the job that many companies forget about as they become lost in greed.


Outsourcing to the Philippines has countless benefits. All of these benefits are available to you if you decide to go with a company in this area. Not only is it cheaper, but it is often easier and more pleasurable. All employees have a high amount of education with their work so that they can effectively provide you with SEO strategies that work.

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